Cristal Arôme Wellness


Hello & thank you for visiting my website! I’m Pearl Heatley, founder of Cristal-Arôme Wellness Workshops let me introduce myself to you.  


I’ve had an interest in health & healthcare from a very young age & this has continued to grow & develop through my commitment to life-long learning.  At the age of 9, I was insistent on helping my grandfather care for my terminally ill grandmother & so it was not surprising that on completing my A levels, I trained as a nurse, & later, as a midwife. I worked in a variety of hospital & community settings during my 21 year career & also gained post-graduate qualifications in nursing & midwifery along the way.   


My first encounter with complementary therapies took place when I was introduced to aromatherapy in the mid 1990’s by a midwifery student with whom I worked at the time, & as a direct result of her enthusiasm for this fragrant ancient art, I decided to undertake a course of professional training in aromatherapy myself & then my passion for holistic health & complementary therapies was truly ignited!  


Since then I have also gained professional diplomas in reflexology & crystal therapy & was attuned as a reiki master/teacher in 1999 & obtained my teaching certificate in 2000.  I have also studied energy medicine, Feng Shui & Chinese reflexology.   


After leaving the NHS I worked as both an Holistic Therapist & Lecturer in Complementary Therapies & Health related subjects before leaving the UK to start a new chapter of my life in France.  


Drawing on my knowledge & my 21 years of experience in conventional health care & a further  20 years experience in complementary medicine & holistic health, my aim is to inform & teach people a variety of simple techniques & skills, based on various complementary therapies, that they  can do for themselves to optimize their health & well-being.  


If you are interested in learning how I can help you to help yourself, I invite you to come along to one of my workshops.